6 Step To Build A WordPress Website

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wordpressWordPress is a very popular platform these days. If you want to build a WordPress website, follow these six easy steps. Remember, there is no need to digest everything when you are a beginner. These simple steps will help you create your own WordPress website in no time.

1. Web Domain Registration

In registering your domain name, you should always consider your site visitors. To do this, find a name that is easy to remember. The domain name should be very relevant to your product or services. Then, look for a web hosting service provider so that you can officially register your website.

2. Getting Hosted

After registering your domain, your next move is to find a hosting service. There are many hosting services which support WordPress platforms. Most of them offer several hosting plans that include 24/7 support. If you are planning to register a commercial website, do not forget to include a customer and technical support for your customers.

3. Installing WordPress

There are two ways to install WordPress. Most hosting services provide a one click installation option for WordPress. If you are not confident with other technical requirements, this option is recommended for you. On the other hand, some hosting companies provide a control panel where you can configure the settings and layout of your WordPress website.

4. Installing a Theme

In WordPress, you have to choices when it comes to your website theme. First, you may choose to purchase a premium theme which includes technical support. In case you want to configure some aspects of your website design, you can email the technical team at WordPress and they will help you out. Another option is to use the free themes in WordPress. Although this option does not include technical support, the quality and designs of the themes are almost the same with the premium ones.

5. Change WordPress Settings

WordPress is quite unique because it offers more flexibility compared to other websites. This means that you have more choices and freedom in terms of your website design and layout. In WordPress, you can control who can post comments on your blog and website. You can modify the settings anytime you want if you see that there is a need to do so.

6. Install Plugins

The last step is to install plugins in your site. There are so many plugins to choose from and all you have to do is to look for those which are useful in your website.

With these six easy steps, you will be able to build a WordPress website anytime. You may also read online forums to learn more tips from other people.

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