5 Suggestions For Basic Wedding Centerpieces

Wedding Centerpieces – 5 Things You Need to Know

Wedding CenterpiecesFor those of you who want to have basic wedding centerpieces on the tables at your reception, this is the perfect article for you. Here are five awesome suggestions for displays that are simple, stunning and memorable. A great way to save some money on your wedding is to make your centerpieces yourself. It is not a difficult thing to do. Inspiration can be found anywhere. Start looking at nature, magazines, television, artwork, shopping catalogs and more, and you will find no shortage of ideas.

However, if you are looking for more traditional wedding centerpiece ideas, then you should peruse the numerous bridal publications that are available on the market to find some examples. These publications are online as well as in print and will give you the inspiration you need to make the decor at your reception stand out.

To help you get started, this article lists some suggestions on wedding centerpieces that you can make on your own:

Choose plants that do not have flowers. Even though flowers are a common sight at the majority of weddings, you can choose to do something different. If you decide to go with bamboo or fancy grasses to make tall wedding centerpieces, you will not spend as much as you would on flowers. Non-flowering plants make a unique statement and allow people who are on a budget to have attractive, yet affordable displays.

Use flower pots as your centerpieces. They are elegant and will make your tables gorgeous.

Mason jars do not cost a whole lot and if you use your imagination, you can create beautiful flower vases out of them. You can add whatever you want to the jars; however you do want them to go with the overall style and theme of your wedding. Rather than purchasing actual vases, which can be very expensive, choose Mason jars instead for a classy way to display flowers on your tables.

Make all of your wedding centerpieces different. No one says they all have to match. Your reception will be more dynamic and easier on the wallet if you choose a variety of decorations in the same category. For instance, use vases, but pick ones that are all different sizes, patterns, and colors. Put a bunch of multi-colored flowers in them and you will have some very pretty results. This is an ideal option for an outside wedding.

Candles are also an elegant component of basic wedding centerpieces. They are very eye-catching but they do not cost a lot to buy. Put a flower ring around the candle and you have a simple but effective option. Be sure to choose colors that match your wedding decor.

Regardless of what kind of wedding centerpiece you select, the basic suggestions indicated in this article will assist you in creating stunning tables at your reception that will be remembered for years to come.

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