5 Stone Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

What Exactly is a Marquise Cut Diamond?

diamondYour diamond rings gemstone may be cut into different types of shapes, including a marquise cut. A marquise cut is an oval-shaped elongated gemstone cut, with narrowed ends. It generally look larger than it is, hence you may need diamonds of less carat weight than some other types of shapes or cut (like a round cut, for example), to get gems that look as big as you want. Marquise cut works rather well, with accent stones or some other form of ring enhancements too.

A 5 stone diamond ring is elegant but with a little bit of glamour. Your marquise cut gemstone may be used in a 5 stone diamond ring setting. The most common type of setting for five stone diamond rings is the U-shaped setting. The U-shaped setting is a variation of the prong setting, which holds gems with prongs. A U-shaped setting is less likely to get caught in anything, and can be used with multiple gemstones, or a center gemstone with smaller stones. U-shaped settings are usually used with diamond cuts like princess, emerald, brilliant and asscher, but you may also use the setting for your own marquise cut diamond engagement ring, too.

A five stone marquise cut diamond engagement ring is likely to be expensive, though you can reduce your cost by using smaller diamond stones without a center gemstone. The smaller stones will most likely cost you less, than one single diamond of the same carat weight, plus you still get to use a diamond ring, without the additional cost of a bigger center stone. You may also use your marquise cut diamond engagement ring with some other less expensive gemstones too, to make it more affordable. Because your gemstone uses the marquise cut, it may cost you relatively less than a round diamond ring, since marquise rings are sometimes cheaper than round cut rings.

You may want to use platinum with your five stone ring, since platinum is more durable than gold, and may protect your stones better. Your diamonds should be evaluated for their colors, clarities, carat weights and cut too. And you should always ask for your gemstonering certificates from your jeweler, to know what you are buying, to know if they are real and to know if they have being treated in some way, that is, if you wish to get true value for your money.

Five stone diamond rings may be used as anniversary and wedding rings too, and not just as engagement rings only.

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