5 Hour Energy Drink: Low-Energy, Low-Sugar, High-Vitamin B12

Do You Need Extra Energy?

5 hour energy drinkEnergy drinks give the same energy boosting effects. These drinks provide that extra kick in performing many activities requiring high energy. However, one type of energy drink known as 5 hour energy stands out from the rest. Here are some of the reasons why this energy drink is more special than others as stated in more than one 5 hour energy review.

First, it has lower calorie content than other energy drinks. It contains only 4 calories for every 2 ounces of the drink. This makes it a well-loved energy drink of weight conscious individuals. The energy the drink provides gives weight conscious individuals the strength it needs to exercise without worrying of the extra calories they will be getting from its consumption.

Aside from being low-calorie, 5 hour drink is also low in sugar. Most energy drinks are known for its high sugar content which is the primary factor why they can provide that extra energy. It is actually more of a sugar rush that creates the energy boost. The major disadvantage of this is that the energy can dissipate as soon as the amount of sugar subsides. At worse, the individual can feel extreme tiredness compared to how it felt before taking the drink. 5 hour energy does not have this effect. Since it does not contain sugar, it gives a natural energy boost that brings you back to your normal state once the effects wear off.

Finally, 5 hour energy is loved for its methylcobalamin B12 content. This substance is commonly known as vitamin B12. This is the source of natural energy that the drink provides. It is not sugar or anything else that gives the extra energy to the body. Aside from bodily strength, vitamin B12 is also one of the essential vitamins that can keep the body in good health. It maintains the healthy functioning of the immune system and nervous system.

5 hour energy is one of the many types of energy drink. But, it is a special drink that stands out from the rest because of its low calorie, low sugar and methycobalamin content.

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